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VICNET - Public Cloud experts

"We consult and advice your company how to migrate applications and workloads to Amazon, Microsoft and Google public cloud (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer or Google CP platform)"

VICNETCLOUD migration service is targeting clients who have existing IT infrastructure on their premises and want to benefit from migration of their storage/network/servers and mainly migrate their applications to public cloud (off premises).We are experts in DataCenter/Virtualization/SDN and we deliver Cisco DC/ NetApp storage and Flexpod Converged infrastructure for private cloud.


  • Cloud storage
  • Migrations of applications and workloads to SalesForce/Office365/AWS/Azure/Google public / hybrid cloud

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Data center architecture (Cisco/VMWare/Citrix)
  • Data storage (NetApp)
  • Flexpod/VBlock private cloud

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Benefits of Public/Hybrid Cloud Solutions

  • Scalable on demand without requiring you to maintain excess capacity
  • Improve security, availability, compliance with your ISP infrastructure and process
  • Focus on strategic IT by offloading routine operations
  • Peace of mind with validated, certified, and audited architectures/services
  • Lower TCO with pay-as-yougo pricing
  • React quickly to change with OpEx-based spending
  • Redundancy, Stability, Availability 99,9999%
  • Reduce CapEx capital expenditures of servers, software, data center space/network
  • Greater financial flexibility and business agility

We are Public/Hybrid Cloud Experts and so we can...

Consult and assess your business and technical requirements

  • Advise you on the best cloud solutions on the market
  • Ensure you get the very best value for money and ROI
  • Develop your personalised mix of cloud technologies and applications
  • Advise and implement policies and procedures for business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Manage the implementation of your cloud solution to minimise disruption and downtime
  • Consult and train your team to get you the most from your new public/hybrid cloud solution


How we can help you from a business perspective?

We are agnostic about cloud providers, we bring to you all the benefits:

  • Flexible, secure, and cost-effective IT infrastructure
  • Centrally managed; self-service; efficient
  • No need to purchase and maintain new hardware
  • Computing resources delivered as a service – pay for only what you use
  • More focus on business and customers instead of the IT infrastructure

Plus secure stable and seamless integration with your existing environment – hybrid, private or public cloud.


And what we offer from a technology perspective?

We advise you on the best public/hybrid cloud solutions on the market.

Your team stay productive with Azure, Amazon or Google.

You can access a rich gallery of pre-built APIs for simple connection to public/hybrid cloud services like AWS, Azure, Google, Office 365.

You get enterprise-level SLAs so you can build and deploy mission-critical apps.

And also all public cloud providers run from global data centres, so you can quickly scale across geographic regions.



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